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With the lines between home and work becoming increasingly blurry, how companies manage and support their staff has never been more important.

However, many employees are reluctant to discuss their mental health with managers or supervisors. This leads to the unfortunate situation where 1 in 5 employees will experience a mental health condition each year without an employer ever knowing. Or finding out when it’s too late.

Our Employee Conversational Wellness platform helps employers provide easy and secure access to self-guided mental health triage for their workforce, including a variety of diagnostic tools and supporting resources. All accessed using the easiest known interface: human conversations.

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The Simpatico Ai Employee Conversational Wellness (ECW) platform uses Conversational Artificial Intelligence technology to help employees self-assess via an anonymous, AI-driven mental health diagnosis engine.


Employers have access to a standardized set of mental health triage and reporting tools that provide a snapshot of a workforce’s mental health status, help identify high-risk groups and provide resources to ‘at risk’ employees


The Simpatico Ai ECW gives company directors and boards peace of mind knowing that they’re supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of their entire staff while fulfilling governance obligations under their corporate duty of care.

Our Story

Our Story

Simpatico Ai Chief Science Officer, Simon Kinsella (PhD), is a leading Australian psychologist with three decades’ in clinical practise, who recognized through his consulting work that both employers and employees don’t have the right tools to properly manage workplace mental health issues. In 2020, Simon joined forces with a team of experienced startup executives and technologists in order to address the global workplace mental health crisis using the power of Artificial Intelligence and cutting-edge technology. Simpatico Ai is part of the global Microsoft for Startups program.

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Simpatico Ai

“ People are more willing to open up to an AI than they would with just an online form at a self-help website. Having an actual conversation puts you in a different mode to really encourage sharing, openness and self- reflection.” — Gale Lucas, Psychologist, USC

Simpatico Ai's first product, Simpatico, was developed as an AI-driven alternative that helps address the problem faced by the current crop of workplace mental health solutions, which are mainly form-based assessments and linear in nature. Simpatico provides a completely anonymous and secure way for employees to access a suite of diagnostic tools, tips and support any time of day.

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