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Data-driven tech startup, She’s A Crowd, partnered with Simpatico Ai

To create a mental health chatbot for survivors of gender-based violence.

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A technology partnership
helping 1000s of gender-
based violence survivors


A.I.-driven mental
health conversations


She’s A Crowd

Launched in 2018 by CEO and Founder Zoë Condliffe, She’s A Crowd (SAC), is a data-driven technology startup that uses crowdsourced data to make cities safer for women and gender-diverse people.

By combining AI and data analytics. SAC collects storytelling data on experiences of harassment, abuse and sexual assault from

around the world and importantly places survivors at the centre of change-making.

Today, the company owns the largest geospatial data set in the world committed to ending gender-based violence – with the objective of empowering decision-makers to take preventative action using digital crowd-mapping technology,


  • Why She’s a Crowd develop a chatbot with Simpatico Ai

  • How, Amy, the virtual chatbot provided supportive virtual aid and mental health support

  • Proof that a tech-focused and human-centred approach works.

Why She’s a Crowd developed a chatbot with Simpatico Ai

With more than 115,000 experiences gathered since 2018, a large collective online following and an average of 3.4 million website page views per month, it’s clear that gender-based violence is a global crisis.

With the ability to unlock data and deliver strategic outcomes, a partnership between Simpatico Ai and the She’s A Crowd team was a logical next step.

And that’s when our groundbreaking new chatbot was born.

“Our users now have access to mental health resources and a supportive aid in the form of an accessible and conversational AI chatbot named ‘Amy.“

-Zoë Condliffe
CEO, She's a Crowd

How, Amy, the virtual chatbot provided supportive virtual aid and mental health support

Disclosing experiences of gender-based violence can bring up some unexpected emotions for survivors, which is why Simpatico (MeshAI’s conversational AI platform) is meaningfully positioned as a source of guidance and support that seeks to understand and listen without judgement.

Built to offer easy access and navigation, Amy serves as:

  • A consolidation point for support resources

  • An online (and printable) mental health assessment tool

  • A safe space that may help people face speaking to a health professional about sensitive and personal issues

Amy, She’s A Crowd
Chatbot in Action

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“The insights gained from the Simpatico chatbot are invaluable to She's A Crowd's work in tackling complex issues, generating lasting change, and developing a safer real and digital world”

Zoe Condliffe

CEO & Founder of
She's A Crowd